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Verlag & Werkstatt Fotoshootings

Published on 29. Apr. 2021
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Since May 2020 we have a new work assistance - Martin who specializes on making our product photos. As you could easily noticed, our products are presented much better and Martin has a lot of work as we introduce new products on daily basis.

Once a month we do a bigger photo-session when we try to catch all our results in attractive way. Very popular was scho-ka-kola photo session, also leather sessions, when we introduced our postwar resewed leather suspenders.

Sometimes the amount of photos and the quality is so great that we have really hard times to decide and pick the  very best one. For example - Pionier stuff from recent photoshooting! We like all of them! Can you pick one? We cant.



Making of grouping photos has also another effects: it greatly stimulates thinking about original uses of these items and tools. That is the momentum when we got all the crazy training ideas for our WH Gruppe where we try to explain and adapt to the old methods and techniques. And we all know that understanding the past is a step for better explaining the history.


 You can remember some of the best results with us:





Thanks for reading so far. We really believe that you enjoy our work and its representative pictures.



Best regards,
A. Kopf

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