Pervitin transport wooden container empty

Price 8.99€

(Old Price 9.99€)

Authentic replica of medical transportation cover. Comes empty.
Boxes are nice and durable. The diameter is little bit smaller than our vials, so we sell it empty for attractive price. Small differences in markings.
Will make a nice display on medical desk.
Original tent pegs set #7 - 7pcs

Price 116.10€

(Old Price 129.00€)

Nice set of all matching factory marked pegs. 7 pieces of original WW2 german tent pegs, marked C&C W 42. Most of them readable. Wear some rust and damage, very authentic. See photos.
When did you last time found 7 marked pegs from one series?

Price 217.55€

(Old Price 229.00€)

Original helmet shell model 42 size 64. Liner 56/57 of your choice, chinstrap, rivets included.

Tank bag - waterproof

Price 17.99€

(Old Price 19.99€)

Ruberized auxiliary storage bag for panzer units. Postwar made, but serves perfectly. Looks as new! Rectangular shape with extra strong textile straps. Thanks to ruberized surface its easily cleanable.Measures 30x30x60cm.
SHIPPING COSTS OVER 19€ in EU will be refunded after payment processing.
Huge canvas bag M55

Price 17.99€

(Old Price 19.99€)

Bag model 55 for soldier equipment is a military bag with amazing capacity. Invaluable help for storing different clothes or tools. Comes in khaki color. Also can serve as a great source of material for your projects. Will survive another 50 years.
SHIPPING COSTS OVER 19€ in EU will be refunded after payment processing.
Aluminium helmet liner M31 sheep (pick size)

Price 34.19€

(Old Price 37.99€)

New early war version from aluminium, and sheep leather. Perfect reproduction liner for original german WW2 helmets. Pick size according your needs.

Discounted LAST size 1x 56 and 1x 57.

Empty Kar98k Ammo box SET 100pcs

Price 261.75€

(Old Price 349.00€)

Standard German WW2 ammo 8x57 boxes used for 15 rounds. Made of correct brown cardboard with accurate dimensions and specifications.
This set includes 100 boxes (for complete filling box Patronenkasten 1500).
Pick label designs in comment.
Empty Kar98k Ammo box SET 20pcs

Price 62.82€

(Old Price 69.80€)

Standard German WW2 ammo 8x57 boxes used for 15 rounds. Made of correct brown cardboard with accurate dimensions and specifications.
This set includes 20 boxes (Ideal for filling battle pack).
Pick label designs in comment.
Empty Kar98k Ammo box SET 50pcs

Price 148.33€

(Old Price 174.50€)

Standard German WW2 ammo 8x57 boxes used for 15 rounds. Made of correct brown cardboard with accurate dimensions and specifications.
This set includes 50 boxes (to supply your unit backpacks).
Pick label designs in comment.
German WW2 Suspenders

Price 16.14€

(Old Price 16.99€)

Reworked postwar suspenders to meet the expected design and quality. These represent correct WW2 era Hosenträgers suitable for WH/LW/SS and all other branches. We kept the price attractive and more than competitive to other repros on the market. Perfect item for your reenactment service. Enjoy!
Leather wire gloves 1pcs

Price 9.00€

(Old Price 19.99€)

Nice set of thick-leather hand protection, most probably used for wire rolling or signal cable pulling. New item, not used, postwar stock items. Original product made of quality leather for army purposes. Suitable for preparing battlefield.
One piece.
Original Tramp Coffee Grinder #6

Price 53.99€

(Old Price 59.99€)

Sorry, this product is currently out of stock.
Nicely brown bakelite grinder in good condition. Only defect is a slit - a tooth of time. Anyway it is perfect collectible item, also still ideal for personal use. Mechanism works fine. Requires little cleaning and will be ready to use!
Reinigungsgerät RG34 der Wehrmacht

Price 116.10€

(Old Price 129.00€)

Nice CNX marked set of standard cleaning set Reinigungsgerät RG34. Enjoy the same marked parts. This set includes also K98 instructional booklet, two original oil in small cans (both are genuine supply, so mostly for displaying purposes).
Postwar metal pocket feldkocher

Price 2.80€

(Old Price 7.99€)

Another version of postwar pocket field cooker-heater. Very handy item also for tourism and hiking.
Overall condition is good, never used. Some items have slight zinc corrosion, as on the photos, therefore the great discount.
Army surplus rope 10m with loop

Price 3.50€

(Old Price 6.99€)

Amazing addition to any WW2 camp. Very useful 10meters of durable rope. Can be used for building tents, marking or reserving space, etc. One end has a loop, second end is reinforced with metal part. Slightly used army material.
Extra cheap shipping costs to (GB, BE, NL, FR, IE, LX, HU, DE, PL, AT). Contact us.
Army surplus tropical suspenders

Price 9.74€

(Old Price 14.99€)

Postwar canvas Y-straps with leather parts. Often used as a replacement or own experimentation for DAK, late war or rucksack straps.

One piece.
WH Gaiters (1960)

Price 8.99€

(Old Price 14.99€)

Postwar surplus gamaschen in WW2 style. All marked around 1960. Very durable canvas and army quality material. Great for using or as a spare pair.
One pair. Limited offer.
Army can opener

Price 1.77€

(Old Price 5.90€)

Handy postwar multipurpose can opener. Comes from military storages, might have small signs of surface rust. Not marked. Fits easily to your pocket, breadbag or mess-kit.
Size: 14cm. Made of fine 2mm steel. Check detailed photos.
Can opener small round

Price 2.32€

(Old Price 2.90€)

Small and handy postwar can opener. Not used, comes from military storages. Marked "WEEKEND". The pinhole allows it to be worn on a keyring.

Longer side is 4cm long. Check more photos for size comparison.
Luftwaffe pilot's mirror Blendspiegel

Price 20.30€

(Old Price 29.00€)

Early war Luftwaffe rescue navigation accessory for flight crew. A very unique reproduction of Luftwaffe gear.
Identical marking, proper size and weight. Comes in canvas pocket, with attaching cord. Metal plate contains instruction sheet same as the original one.
Luftwaffe Schiessfibel Horrido!

Price 6.30€

(Old Price 9.00€)

Officially Horrido - Des Jaegers Schiessfibel, is the rare and famous german collectors tutorial for pilots.
Contains funny illustrations with captions on 35 pages.
Military Hobnails - prewar berg

Price 9.00€

(Old Price 12.00€)

Original steel "Sohlennägeln", prewar production. These have typical "Bergschuhe" shape, but are a bit smaller. Quality material, no surface rust.

Price is for one set (including 25 hobnails as on the photo).
HELMBAND M36 set of 10pcs

Price 116.99€

(Old Price 129.99€)

Two-color helmet strap for training purposes. Used on military maneuvers.

Set contains 10 pieces for whole Gruppe. There is 10% discount.
Cleaning wicks set 8pcs

Price 1.50€

(Old Price 3.00€)

Set of cleaning wicks for any weapon.

Set contains 8 bundles.
German duty knife

Price 12.74€

(Old Price 14.99€)

Nice repro knife made nowadays in Germany. Very suitable for wearing in your pocket in uniform or breadbag. Wooden handles are oiled and waxed.
The blade has a niche for the dividing of wires, which makes this knife extra suitable for Funkers - signalists.
M53 Soviet steel helmet

Price 11.04€

(Old Price 12.99€)

Durable Soviet era army steel helmet, shape Vz53. Includes liner leather in german WW2 style.
One piece, nice for trainings, collection, cheap visual replacement for WW2 Russian helmet in trenches diorama etc.