Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations of Kopf Solutions, s. r. o., with its registered office at Hlaváčiková 14, 841 05 Bratislava, IČO: 52 899 136, DIČ: 2121244730, IČ DPH: SK2023008911, entered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro, file number: 144848 / B (hereinafter only “Verlag Kopf”) and our customers, which result from the contractual relationship on the basis of a concluded purchase contract. Based on the needs defined by the general terms and conditions, the basic terms are specified: The seller is Kopf Solutions, p. r. o., which operates an online store. Its object is the sale of goods through an online store and is located on the website www.verlagkopf.com. The buyer is the customer who, on the basis of the purchase contract, enters into a contractual relationship with the seller.

Customer registration

If you decide to register (create a password for your account) and you are over 16, you will get:

  • shopping with discounts,
  • information on the status of the processing of your orders,
  • an overview of all goods purchased so far,
  • the opportunity to participate in competitions organized by our eshop,
  • regular information on news and events,
  • the possibility to use personalized services.

The customer of our online store can be any natural person capable of legal acts or a legal person who has expressed an interest in purchasing goods on the website www.verlagkopf.com. According to these general terms and conditions, the customer in certain circumstances also means a third party whom the customer designates in the binding order as the person to whom the ordered goods are to be handed over (hereinafter referred to as the "authorized person"). The indication of the name of the authorized person in the binding order is considered to be his authority to take over the ordered goods.

Ordering goods and concluding a contract

To order the goods, click on the picture of the basket with the appropriate inscription and the goods will be added to the shopping basket. Then you will be able to decide whether you want to close the purchase (fill in the prepared form) or continue shopping. The order is made by confirming the function marked “Submit order” with the information that the order requires payment for the goods. Without undue delay after processing your order, we will send you a confirmation of receipt of the order (order acceptance), which contains the order number, information about the price of the goods and delivery costs (postage), method of payment, information about the expected delivery time, about the place where the goods are to be delivered, information about the seller, or other information. Delivery of the confirmation e-mail about the receipt of your order concludes the purchase contract. If you have an account on eshop, your order will also be archived in the My profile section, to which only you will have access after logging in. If necessary, all other information regarding his order can be sent to the buyer's e-mail address.

In case of unavailability of the goods, Verlag Kopf is entitled to cancel the order, of which the customer is immediately informed.


All prices of goods and services are stated as final, without VAT, as Kopf Solutions, s. r. o. is not a VAT payer, but does not include the price of delivery of goods. Any additional discounts that are provided in addition to the discounts listed for individual products on our website, individual discounts for the customer or discounts provided through the cooperation of our online store with third parties are not combinable, unless otherwise stated.

The Buyer acknowledges that in the event that the Buyer orders the goods at a price published in error due to an error in Verlag Kopf's internal information system, Verlag Kopf is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract, even after the Buyer has received an e-mail confirming his order. In such a case, Verlag Kopf informs the Buyer of such a fact.

Verlag Kopf reserves the right to declare a purchase contract invalid if personal data has been misused, a payment card has been misused, etc., or due to the intervention of an administrative or judicial authority. The Buyer will be informed of such a procedure

Delivery times

The delivery time is a week, which represents how many working days from the conclusion of the purchase contract we usually send the title (we deliver the package to the carrier / courier). The delivery time is indicative, in determining it we are based on previous experience as well as the current availability of suppliers. Its length usually ranges from 24 hours to 7 working days.

In the case of custom goods, this period may be extended to 14-30 days, of which we will inform you as soon as we have more detailed information about the availability of the goods.

As a seller, we are obliged to fulfill your order and deliver the goods to you within 30 days of receiving the order. If the ordered goods or part of the goods from the order cannot be delivered within the above-mentioned period, we will inform you of this situation as soon as possible and inform you of the expected date of delivery of the goods or suggest delivery of replacement goods. If we are unable to secure the goods within the additional period, you have the right to withdraw from the contract and in the event of payment of the purchase price or part thereof, the funds will be returned to your bank account within 14 days.

In the case of goods that have not yet been produced (pre-sales), all dates are only indicative and non-binding - we will send the ordered goods to you as soon as we deliver them to the warehouse.

Place and method of delivery of goods

The obligation to deliver the goods is fulfilled by handing over the goods to the customer resp. to the authorized person specified in the order. We send the goods by Slovak Post in the form of a letter / package or a letter / package cash on delivery, or by courier for a small surcharge. Delivery time depends on the situation in the country of delivery.

We will inform you by e-mail together with the tracking number of the shipment that your order has been handed over to the carrier or is ready for personal collection. If the goods were not delivered to you within 14 days after our e-mail, please contact your delivery post and us. After verification, we will provide you with more detailed information about your package and possible reasons for non-delivery. If you have a user account with us, you can view the current status of the processing of your order at any time in the My profile section.

The customer is obliged to take over the goods at the agreed place and time in person, or to ensure their taking over.

The obligation to deliver the goods is considered fulfilled even if the customer does not take over the goods at the agreed time and place, resp. refuses to accept the goods. In the event that the customer does not take over the goods and the goods are returned to us, we have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract and demand from the customer reimbursement of costs associated with returning the goods (postage related to returning the goods). Re-delivery of the shipment is possible only by mutual agreement.

We are not responsible for delayed delivery of goods due to incorrect address of the recipient. The customer acquires ownership of the goods by taking it over at the place of delivery. By taking over the goods, the risk of accidental destruction and accidental deterioration also passes to the customer.

Upon receipt of the shipment, the customer is entitled to check the shipment for damage to the package of the shipment (mechanical damage caused by transport) and whether the goods are free of defects. In case of visible damage to the shipment or goods, the customer is entitled not to accept the shipment.

Payment methods

The Verlag Kopf e-shop provides two basic payment methods:

card payment (VISA, MasterCard),

transfer order based on the issued invoice.

Postage and other charges

To the stated prices of goods we add postage according to the tariffs of delivery companies, depending on the method and address of delivery.

We do not charge other fees or packaging. If you divide one order into several shipments based on your wishes, you may be charged postage for each shipment separately.

Order cancellation

If you wish to cancel your order, which has not yet been processed, please contact us as soon as possible (using the contact details on the contact page) and provide your order number. If your order has already been paid, we will return the money to the account from which you paid within 14 days at the latest. In the case of payment by card (VISA, MasterCard), this period may be extended, due to the bank's procedure for returning money from card payments.

At the same time, we reserve the right to cancel your order for goods if we are unable to deliver it to you due to unavailability (stocks sold out or withdrawal from the offer) or if, even with all efforts, we are unable to deliver the goods within the agreed time or price. would cause us disproportionate difficulties and disproportionate expenses in relation to the value of the ordered goods, unless we agree with you on a replacement. We will immediately inform you about the cancellation of the order by phone or e-mail. In the event of payment of the purchase price or part thereof, the funds will be returned to you within 14 days to the account from which you paid, unless we agree otherwise.

Complaint of goods and withdrawal from the contract

You can find more detailed information and exact conditions in the Complaints Procedure and Withdrawal from the Contract section (Returns policy).

Newsletter and e-mails from us

When registering resp. when creating an order, you can choose whether you want to receive regular information about news on the book market from us (on average once a week). You can also choose to receive the newsletter individually on the website by entering your e-mail address, or by clicking on the link within the e-mail we sent you. Of course, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. We will also inform you to your e-mail address about the processing of your order, availability and unavailability of titles, and we will also send you a discount voucher in cases where you have been entitled to a discount in accordance with these terms and conditions. We may send to all registered customers irregularly (maximum several times a year) important information related to the operation of our online store and the use of a user account. If e-mails from us bother you, please write us an e-mail to moc.fpokgalrev@ofni.

Personal data, their processing and protection

For more information and exact conditions on personal data, their processing and protection, see the section Privacy and personal data protection (GDPR).

Final provisions

These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the purchase agreement concluded between Kopf Solutions, s. r. o. and its customers, and are binding on both parties. The legal relations established by the purchase contract will be governed by the provisions of the purchase contract (i.e. the binding order and order confirmation, or individually agreed conditions), the provisions of these general terms and conditions and the relevant legal regulations. The provisions of the purchase contract take precedence over the provisions of these general terms and conditions and the dispositive provisions of generally binding legal regulations.

Kopf Solutions, s. r. o. reserves the right to unilaterally amend or supplement these general terms and conditions. Any changes to these general terms and conditions take effect on the day of their publication on the website www.verlagkopf.com. Legal relations arising from the purchase contract are always governed by the general terms and conditions in effect at the time of the binding order of goods.

Use of materials from the site

All rights reserved. Any use of the content - parts or the whole, in particular the reproduction and dissemination of texts, images, photographs or samples in any mechanical or electronic way is without the written permission of Kopf Solutions, s. r. o. prohibited.

The goods on the Verlag Kopf website are copyrighted, the sole owner of which is Kopf Solutions, s. r. o.. Pursuant to section 58 of the Copyright Act, we can claim on the basis of this violation, e.g. financial compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

Contact e-mail: moc.snoitulosfpok@tnemeganam

Posted on February 20, 2021