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Tragschlaufe universal ammo packaging

Published on 26. Aug. 2021
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The project, which took 17 months from start to finish, deserves its own article (note: without a pandemic, it would be faster!). The real reason for writing this article is the horror that caught us when we wrote down a complete list of steps needed to make a box... and we wanted to share it to show how complicated simple projects can be.


Anyone who prefers to put the box together alone is welcome to read all the steps and learn from our path.


To provide the final product we needed  to go through all the steps:

  1. Obtain basic measurements (to understood the size of project materials) - Thanks to Phill Steinmetz
  2. Search for strap producers
  3. Design strap model and make order
  4. Search for buckle producers
  5. Prepare buckle model and make order
  6. Search for local (EU) cardboard producers and accurate materials
  7. Search for material alternatives and make order
  8. Make cardboard prototypes by ourselfs
  9. Design metal teeth and eyelets
  10. Make teeth and eyelets prototypes
  11. Cut received straps 
  12. Search for buckles of better quality and make order
  13. Paint buckles
  14. Sew buckles with straps
  15. Design authentic stamp for marking Tragschlaufe
  16. Obtain original piece to make final measurements - Thanks Boris
  17. Design side covers of cardboard, prototype sizes
  18. Make testing prototype for checking measurements
  19. Cut side covers, bend and reinforce
  20. Cut main cardboard parts
  21. Create template for machinery finishing of main part
  22. Drill template into cardboard parts
  23. Mark and bend main parts
  24. Engrave stamp and mark cardboards
  25. Laser cut all teeth and eyelets
  26. Bend all teeth parts
  27. Press teeth parts into main cardboard parts
  28. Design internal cardboard reinforcement
  29. Cut internal reinforcement, create template for cuting specific shapes
  30. Join metal parts with reinforcements
  31. Put on the strap on eyelets 
  32. Create a form for box completization
  33. Check sizes with wooden boxes - Thanks group member Tomas T.
  34. Adjust reinforcement sizes to fit wooden boxes properly
  35. Drill the staple holes to make authentic staples
  36. Design own staples
  37. Laser cut staples
  38. Bend staples and install to cardboard
  39. Design ammo labels
  40. Design company sealing markings
  41. Print labels
  42. Glue the box and prepare for shaping
  43. Place labels
  44. Install side covers, secure buckle
  45. Make photoshooting - Thanks to Martin to make great photos as always









Beside classic features that all manufacturers provide - stamps and labels, we produced this packages with extra details such as:

  • steel reinforcing teeth
  • steel reinforcing eyelets for strap
  • custom produced strap
  • correct staples
  • buckles made in Germany
  • correct measurements (±1mm due to manufacture process)

 We know that details matter!


The journey is difficult, but once the product is finished, the use is really wide. Thanks to this product you can finish your collection of wooden boxes, upgrade historical exhibitions, use it for ammunition storage or shooting trainings, organize ammo on reenactment events...




Another amazing aspect is the universal size that fits different ammo types! Suitable for packing ammo:

  • 20 x 15 7,92mm x 58 (Kar 98, MG34/42 ...), total 300 Gewehrpatronen
  • 52 x 16 9mm x 19 (MP40, P38, P08), total 832 Pistolenpatronen
  • 28 x 15 Kurzpatronen 8 x 33 (Stg, MP44), total 420 Kurzpatronen

We know that in German machinery it depends on every millimeter, so we tested how it works with cumulative error of 1mm. Our Tragschlaufe was tested and fits wooden boxes:

  • Patronenkasten 900 - 3pcs OK
  • Patronenkasten 1500 without metal insert - 5pcs OK
  • Patronenkasten 1500 Luftdichter insert - 5pcs are very very tight, but possible




Currently we need to finalize last steps and prepare the dispatching. Sending of preorders is expected on early September (as you already experienced preorders, it could be slightly delayed).

We offer two versions in preordering phase:

1x Tragschlaufe + 20x standard 8x57 ammo boxes

3x Tragschlaufe empty

After preordering phase, there will be available 1x Tragschlaufe empty in the standard offer.




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