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Rubber Stamps - how to

Published on 05. Aug. 2021
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Whether you choose our custom stamp product (and fit as many stamps on rectangle area as you can) or you buy our rubber pads, you need to finalize your stamp with handle - this could be a cardboard pad or wooden handle. Old handles or pieces of wood with suitable size will also suffice. Our stamps come with sticky layer, therefore application is pretty easy.



1. To make the results nice, make sure you cut the shape based on corresponding edges. Otherwise rectangle corners can be stamped on surface.

2. Find proper wooden pad, big enough so that you do not stain hands while soaking pad. Make sure the handle is large enough and parts of the stamp do not protrude.


Showcase of proper stamps, suitably cut and supported by large base:



Check our current offer .

Order specific stamp for your unit (design incl. in price).


Enjoy our customized and standard stamps and make your documents more authentic. Our stamps could be also used for stamping equipment, zelts, grenades, vehicles etc. During last years we produced over two hundreds of customized stamps. We offer discounts on customized bulk orders. Contact us with your requests anytime, we are looking forward to consultation and cooperation.


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