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Luftwaffenspiel Game review

Published on 09. Feb. 2017
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In this article I will describe some interesting facts about period german board games. Let's start with Adler company and their famous Luftverteidigungsspiel. This was the first game that took my heart and since first sight I knew that I have to have one of these. Photos in this article were made a year ago, but back then I did not have this great blog to share long text information, so only photos were published on FB page.

Original Adler-Luftwaffenspiel No102E. A game for two players should explain the war factors to the german youth. The game contains artillery defense, barrage balloons, bombers and different types of bombing raids, also the important role of Luftschutz units. I cannot find proper reference currently, but I think I red that the german Hugo Gräfe factory was destroyed during Allied bombing of Dresden, which in that case is a sad irony. 


Despite the game is not especially rare today, typical price is about 50-150€. Mostly produced in 1940-1941 in similar versions with minor differences (note, titles on the paper rules and on the box are little bit different). Game box was produced in several versions. Could be green, blue or even a simple box without color coating. Front label contains anti-aircraft gun, on the left side the European flags, in another version without flags, and also changed the name - an older version (Luftverteidigungsspiel).


The package includes instructions on four sides. Despite it is quite definite, it creates several game situations where the rules must be agreed between the players. Pages are filled with game instructions, few words about game motivation and also a small advertisement on another Luftgame from the same company. The game is played with six dice (anti-aircraft artillery, bombers movement, fighters movement , bombardment and anti-aircraft defense).


You can see that advertisement on the bottom of a right side (last page of instructions). 


Full boardgame usually takes at least a half of table space. Game plan measures approximately 60x40cm and provide the player with a large number of game options. As the game is for two players, they have plenty of space for their air manouvers. Approximate duration of one game is 90 minutes. The main goal is to defend own city and to destroy the enemy's. 


Inside the box is cardboard atypically dividing box into individual parts, where pieces for both players and dice are stored.


The game consists of 6 dice and 12 aircraft for both sides. Despite the primary determination of children teachingm the game is a very good help in the bunker but also on various reen events :)

Depending on the version of the game, the playing figures were made of wood or paper, but wood looks better!


You can see original genuine game on all photos in this article. Even the playing aircrafts are interesting, not such many games preserved a complete set. 

So this is for now. If I get some interesting informations I will edit and update this article, until then feel free to contact me with any questions.


I spent a year with creating a superb copies of this game, so everyone can enjoy the feeling of this historical game without fear of damaging original pieces in the field or without paying terrible amounts for the original ones.



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