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Published on 08. Feb. 2017
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I started to think about bloging a few months ago. Everytime I got some idea I suddenly felt a strong feeling about sharing it with community of people that care. I think that I have a lots of things, photos, ideas and products that are worth of sharing. But at first, a good blog should start with introducing myself.

profileSo, once more: Hello and welcome to my page, honorable guest!
My name is August Kopf and I really appreciate your visit. Your visit means that you probably care. Care about what? About precision in whatever you are doing (I think, hobby in our case). I started with our reenactment hobby a few years ago, it was 2010 when I realized that this is the way I want to spend my free time with. Slovakia, our homeland was a great environment for growing WW2 airsoft community, where I met many great people (future friends) and also got my first commanding positions as Gefreiter. A great time but, yet, this was a hobby where not many players looks for such a historical details in comparison to WW2 reenactment events. A few years after, our small association had about 5 members and we started to reenact Wehrmacht Heer units on historical events. This was the time where I met many experts about WW2 and many specialist on particular matters (such as experts on unit commands, weapon specialists, shoemakers, photographers - Kriegsberichters, and even experts about WW2 in total). 

These reenactment actions were soon improved into so called "Living History" actions, where no spectators and audience could disturb our borrowed historical lives. Now, every detail of our uniform should be perfect (as far as we can), every equipment is used in its real usage. Dozens of infantry units are digging into their piece of land. Mud and dirt on the face of every Grenadier, when suddenly a MODERN CHOCOLATE BAR has appeared! Ah, maybe you know this feeling and maybe you not (I definitely envy the people that do not know such feelings), but whole impression was lost in that moment. Such moments convinced me about geting into this hobby-job.

I often used my previous web-designing skills and have replicated few labels mostly for own use. But soon more people got interested in these details. Globalization is so strong, that we can order whatever equipment we like from whatever place on the Earth that has the Internet connection. When we solved this equipping issues, we can spend more time and money on the last (and possibly most important) details of our impression.    

An important note is that this is mostly my hobby and for sure not my job. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate so I have a lot of own work, working with students, projects etc. I also have to admit, that the prices may look high at first sight. But than you realize, that € is not quite cheap currency. Besides the materials and payments to printing companies constitute a big part of a price. But that is again my job, to optimize the ordering amounts and prices among suppliers, me and you. On the other hand you have the quality that is worth of everything and what do I have? I have the great satisfaction feel of making someone happy.    

Do not hesitate and please, be my guest. Whatever you want or whatever you like, please let me know. I will be very glad to help you with every paper details, document reprints, and I am even getting used on special and unusual issues. You can very likely get discounts when ordering for more people or even whole unit. 

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