K RATION - Type IV Set

Special offer of very unique daily US rations.

K RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV SetK RATION - Type IV Set

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Special offer of very unique daily US rations. Complete US day ration, completly outstanding. This amazing full day ration weighs above 750g and will surely feed you for more than one day. We checked all the details of that properly waxed and sealed boxes in nicely looking wrapper boxing, containg all that detaily sealed chunks in cellophane and properly measured crackers and all the components chosen by original manufacturer and so many more... AND WE ARE AMAZED by the effort made by our partner manufacturer, so we proudly offer this set (Breakfast + Supper + Dinner) in our eshop.

"A radical change in the packaging of the K ration was the use of different colors and design for easy identification of the units. The new designs went into production May 1944. In the fall of 1944, new specifications were issued on October 31, the composition changed. This is a radical change from the composition of the previous types. In all units a wooden spoon is now included. The Type IV being the final version and produced until 1946, this is the most often found intact version today." More on http://www.kration.info/.

Our reproductions are copying the original K rations as much as possible and are composed of three wax dipped units – meals (breakfast, dinner, supper). Each meal includes approximately 4 ounces of canned product, biscuits, confections, gum, beverages with sugar,cigarettes etc. Try them! Actual edible content, sold for display use

Everything is properly sealed so you will get that unique feeling of opening something prepared as original rations.
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