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Published on 26. Apr. 2018
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We are writing a few words for those who are interested in our work. As we mentioned in the previous article, sometimes it is really hard to achieve the same result after 80 years. Many manufacturing processes have become less common and thus more difficult to access. This is exactly the space for us, addressing challenges and providing authentic products after almost a century. 

Offset printing

Although we are used to hear about this type of printing as common technique nowadays, off-set printing is known since 1875. Even many historical posters contain the author's name and description that have been printed by the offset printer. It is based on transferring the inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. As these machines are expensive to maintain, we only use services of professional printing companies.


Digital printing

Digital printing is, in many aspects, an complement to offset printing, each are appropriate for another method and product type. We use this printing type in two ways: by printing on our machines, and also using printing services. It's tempting to use dedicated printer services that have optimized printing costs, from which we and our customers benefit. On the other hand, printing companies are reluctant to use non-standardized papers (which we love very much :D ). So in case that we want to add extra value to the product by printing it on historical (old) paper, we use own machines.

Laser cuting

In the case of our hobby -  the past century is typical mostly by punching presses. This method is not very open today for small production, so we reach the available tools with which we can produce almost the same result. Using laser cutters is often fun, but also demanding for precision and safety. We also use this for making stencils for crates etc. We have made few videos how we making replicas with this tool, some of them were published, the other will be hopefully soon.


3D printing

This is really a powerful technique, but mostly for prototyping and researching objects at a reasonable cost. Those of you who purchased game Radio-Sende-Spiel are familiar with the playing figures that comes from this 3D production.

Many of our creations have not yet been published, because they are out of „paper-character“ of Verlag Kopf. Maybe soon we will start another project Maschinenfabrik Kopf (and maybe not :D).


Turning machine

We should not forget about this technique, which we use for metalic and wooden products, e.g. helmet air rivets or handles for stamps. This work is also delegated to skilled workers, which are often curious what new we prepared for them. In general, because of the power of machines, this work is considered to be very dangerous.



Thank you for reading this far. We hope you enjoyed the rich repertoire of the techniques we use to satisfy our customers. 


Enjoy photos - what we are able to create with mentioned techniques:

 Laser cut:



 3D print:

 Turning machine:

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