Losantin equipment set of 4 + booklets

Price 39.99€

Complete set of 4 original bakelite boxes with Losantin substance. Restored labels and tape with markings. Includes Gasmask manual and chem. protection leaflet.
Nice set for chemical cleaning of skin after contamination. Label contains short instructions about usage. Every soldier was issued with multiple boxes.
Brotbeutel set #2

Price 145.00€

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This interesting breadbag set includes all the items displayed on the photos. The breadbag itself is of 1960 green production made, have correct material, color and texture. We also include replacable original buttons. Enjoy some of the most popular items in our portfolio in one convenient set. Also notice the special part - read more.
Reinigungsgerät RG34 der Wehrmacht

Price 116.10€

(Old Price 129.00€)

Nice CNX marked set of standard cleaning set Reinigungsgerät RG34. Enjoy the same marked parts. This set includes also K98 instructional booklet, two original oil in small cans (both are genuine supply, so mostly for displaying purposes).
Tornister set

Price 149.00€

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Original german WW2 tornister filled with useful items from our standard and recent production! Riveted version with wartime repairs. Holds nice signs of use, but will serve another years. Also enjoy new sport set from our collection (choose size S-M-L-XL in order comment, thanks). Read more for content details.